Re: background-position in NC4.7x

On Fri, 22 Sep 2000 12:28:02 -0300, "Gabriel Rivera"
<> wrote:

>Netscape 4.7x doesn't seem to undertand this:
>background-position: top right; /* NC fails rendering the "right" */

>How can I make this work?

Through a study of since long time back already available info about
NS4x maybe?

>Are there alternative ways to do this?

Yes of course. The "alternative" method for NS4x was discovered some
years back and has been available as a full solution at
for just about as long.

Further if you have tried to run your CSS suggestion through a
"validation" sequence at you
would have got an automatic warning to the effect that the shorthand
property 'background' has a better support in to days cripple edge
browsers as compared to the specific properties you have tried to use.

Your source code to study is here...

...with the corresponding stylesheet to guide the background rendering

...or if you insist on using NS4x to read that style sheet, you may find
this link more useful...

...since NS4x has a real problem with understanding the IANA registered
MIME type of text/css too.

Look for the 'BODY.csspg' style rule and copy what you need from there,
problem solved...

Further questions on this topic are best posted to...


Jan Roland Eriksson <>

Received on Friday, 22 September 2000 20:23:40 UTC