About aural css


I would like to know if a listing of the devices that support
aural CSS exists.  I have tried it with 5 Explorer and Jaws, and
don't work although the page validates in W3C CSS validator.

Thanks in advance,


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Just to clearify, my original post was ment more like a question
then like
an answer. The question was

Is the currntly specified behaviour (remove background and
outlines of empty
cells) intended, thus breaking compability with html tables. Or
was it ment
that empty cells should be hidden only when "empty-cells" is set
to "hide"?

/ Jonas Sicking

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> Hi!
> The CSS2 spec says in chapter 17.5.1
> http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-CSS2/tables.html#table-layers point 6
> "The topmost layer contains the cells themselves. As the
figure shows,
> although all rows contain the same number of cells, not every
cell may
> specified content. These "empty" cells are transparent,
letting lower
> shine through."
> This would mean that table-cells that have no content should
be hidden.
> There is however a property 'empty-cells' that says that empty
> should have borders.
> I see three problems with this.
> 1. It is not possible to display backgrounds on empty cells.
> I.e. the following rule would still not make give the cell a
> background.
> TD#AnEmptyCell { empty-cells: show; background: green }
> 2. CSS tables is incompatible with HTML tables.
> HTML has no special rules for empty cells so they should have
> just as any other HTML element.
> 3. 'empty-cells: show' is not a very good name
> It gives the impression that empty cells should be shown when
in fact the
> cell is hidden with exception of it's borders.
> My proposed solution is that empty tablecells should get no
> treatment except when empty-cells are set to 'hide'. The
difference would
> showing backgrounds and outlines (and maybe other things in
the future)
> the cell when appropriate.
> / Jonas Sicking

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