Syle Sheets, Tables and Netscape Communicator

I have a really annoying problem:

I want to use style sheets to make life easier when it comes to formatting contents of a table. So, for example, I want to use the "color" attribute in a <tr> tag to give any content in this row the same color. This would look like this:

<style> {color: red}

<table><tr class=""><td>content</td><td>more content</td></tr></table>

Watching this page with Internet Explorer, you would see the table content visualized in red color. However, Netscape Communicator seems to
just ignore any style sheet settings inside of a <td> tag. So you could change the color to red in every <td> tag, but that is not what style sheets are supposed for.
Maybe some have dealed with this problem and able to help.


Received on Monday, 29 May 2000 14:20:26 UTC