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Without seeing the problem and the code myself, I would say it's a
Netscape issue.  Netscape 4.x is absolutely horrible and the bane of my
web developing existence at the moment.  Try IE and see if your problem
occurs.  If it doesn't, you know you have a Netscape issue.

-David King

Okker Tuja W Civ AFSAC/ITD wrote:
> I have a question regarding CSS1...i have my screen set at 800x600 and when i use the <style> tags to code with it looks great on my screen...but when i change the screen to either higher or lower, my page does not seem to compensate for the screen change.  is there something i can do about that so that if people view web pages at different pixels they will see the exact same thing as using 800x600?  does this make any sense?  :)  i also use netscape 4.7 .. thank you for the help...
> Tuja Okker
> AFSAC Webmaster
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Received on Thursday, 25 May 2000 08:23:12 UTC