Re: Selectors

Daniel Glazman wrote:
> > In American, that is spelt that 'behaviors'.
> Sorry, but I learnt English at school, not american English. It is not
> automatic for me to write "behavior".

That was why I thought I should point it out - in case you weren't aware
of it (it can be difficult to remember the spelling when one is more
used to a different dialect; for example, until recently I, a native
speaker of the English of England, thought the US spelling of practice
(the noun) was 'practise').

I was simply pointing out that all W3C documents, even those written by
English speakers, are written in American English, the lingua france of
the internet; indeed English spellings (the example I saw was
'cancelled') have on at least one occasion been listed as errors and
have been corrected; and the sentence referred to 'behaviours', which,
as a technical term, is always spelt without the 'u' (e.g., behavior:
url()); and the same document spells it that way four times.

> Another very important point, Matthew : we are at least two members of the
> CSS Working Group believing that your messages are very helpful but
> too long to work with. We ask you to stop sending 17 pages' messages and we
> would prefer 25 messages, one item ***ONLY*** per message.
> Some messages on this mailing list can reach two or three pages, but if
> you browse the archive, you will see that it is not the common case.

Thanks for pointing it out.

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