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On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Matthew Brealey wrote:
> See, which has 43
> tests of t-decoration -

FYI, there are at least the following problems on that page:

 + test 9 uses attribute "class" instead of "style".
 + similarly with test 10.
 + test 23 is incorrect, as according to CSS2, "conforming user agents"
   (i.e. those that recognise all of CSS2) "are not required to support
   this value".
 + test 28 is wrong, since the spec does not say "t-d only spans
   descendant inline elements", as quoted, it says "If the property is
   specified for a block-level element, it affects all inline-level
   descendants of the element", and the contents of line boxes are
   definitely inline-level.
 + test 30 is unclear. It should point out that the baseline for the
   section with the large text is ABOVE the baseline of the large text
   itself (because of the "vertical-align:sub" declaration).
 + similarly for test 31.
 + test 32 is wrong, there should be two sets of underlines (for
   reasons which I feel have been discussed to death on this list.)
 + similarly for test 33.
 + tests 34, 35 and 36 are wrong for similar reasons; as far as I can
   tell the child elements are not given explicit text-decorations and
   so the decorations should be drawn by the parent inline element,
   thus they should not be broken as your tests suggest.
 + test 40 is incorrect, because regardless of the position of the
   image, the underlining should span the entire inline element (in
   this case the line box or anonymous inline box depending on your
   interpretation of the spec).
 + test 42 is invalid since it is missing an 'src' attribute
   (mandatory in HTML -- do you not validate your pages?).
 + test 43 is clearly wrong, since the two tests do not even have the
   same text!

I have not quoted any actual markup in the above list of problems,
since that would contravene your copyright (!!!). However, another
problem is that your pages are quite messy and so it is difficult to
tell what the problems are, sometimes.

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