Re: MacIE 5.0 CSS bug

I wrote:

>>What's up?
>Move the :hover rule after the :visited rule.
>good thing :hover is in CSS-2, else MS couldn't claim 100% CSS-1 
>compliance. <g>

I was wrong - this isn't a MacIE5 CSS-2 bug. I was thinking of the 
other CSS-2 link bug wherein anchors in elements with position:fixed 
fail to show state - not even the right cursor. <g>

MacIE5 really does have a first-class CSS-1 implementation. As Tantek 
pointed out in private mail a few weeks ago, we have indeed come a 
long way from the glitter-encrusted weathervane model of standards 

go MacIE team!

Todd Fahrner

Received on Tuesday, 28 March 2000 17:52:11 UTC