Re: CSS and namespaces?

Håkon Wium Lie <> wrote:
> Opera 4.0 [...]
> supports all of CSS1 and all of CSS2 with the exception of:
>  - Opera 4.0 is a visual browser and does not support Aural CSS
>  - these properties: caption-side,clip, cursor, direction,
>    font-size-adjust, font-stretch, marks, marker-offset, text-shadow,
>    unicode-bidi and all outline properties
>  - the system values on the font property
>  - the values added to list-style-type in CSS2
>  - these property/value combination: 'display: marker', 'text-align:
>    <string>', 'visibility: collapse'

Also not overflow, a support for a medium as required by 3.2 (it
supports 'all' but not 'screen' (this is one of the regressions from
3.6) (if it supported screen then the non-support of ACSS would be in
compliance with CSS (3.2 and 7.3), counter-resets or counter-increments
with a number (e.g., counter-reset: counter 2), real support for the ex
(rather than just as half an em) and system colour support. It does,
however, support text-decoration: blink. It also doesn't seem to support
auto on absolute positioning.

Better table support than I have seen elsewhere (e.g., support for
padding on table rows) (except, which crashes the
browser, the fact that it supports padding on table rows in the
collapsed border model, and the fact that some nested tables don't seem
to get aligned very well), however.

Received on Thursday, 23 March 2000 08:08:13 UTC