Re: font-style: toggle-italic

At 12:08 21.03.00 -0500, you wrote:
>Feature request for CSS3:
>    font-style: toggle-italic;
>I hope the semantics are reasonably clear from the name.  If the
>numerous uses for this (in English, at least) are not apparent,
>I'll elaborate.  ;)
>Jason Orendorff

I haven't yet had any use for this personally. If say the B element is
presented as italic, and so is everything inside an "intro" DIV, the "first
level" style sheet is

   div.intro {font-style:italic}
   b {font-style:italic}

I have then added

   div.intro b {font-style:normal}

To toggle b back to normal, and left it at that. It is of course possible
to add

   b, div.intro b b {font-style:italic}
   b, div.intro b b b b b b {font-style:italic}
If patterns like that are common, i think that is a case for toggle-italic,
to relieve the poor sods having to read or write those style sheets.

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