Re: interpretation of "auto" for block-level elements

Hello Joe,

>> If a box should use the width of its contents then it means that
>> it cannot be rendered before all its contents is present [...]
> Quite the opposite, actually.

What does that mean? That it can *only* be rendered when the contents is

> This suggestion is for elements with "position: absolute",
> which are not affected by incremental re-flow.

I don't know what you mean by "incremental _re-flow_", but imagine your box has
the text alignment set to other than 'left', then nothing can be placed before
the width is known. Or imagine you add a floating box to the right side,
this can't happen before the width is known either, and the width is affected
by the float, so this will be a degenerate case...

Regards Allan
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Received on Saturday, 4 March 2000 11:06:47 UTC