Re: indents

in regards to this topic, could someone please address the problem or "my problem"  i should say in dealing with indenting the last line of a paragraph.

i am trying to format this:

B.    And then the topic goes here but the sentence is so long that it continues onto the next line.

i would like the last line to line up under the "A". i am using xml, xsl and css. this particular document is 37 pages. i tried to format it outline style, but it would label everything with A's instead of alphabetical. i had to start and stop the <ol> tags because some paragraphs in between the A's and B's needed other formatting. when i resumed the <ol> using value="B" it would not take. i am so very desparate to resolve this problem, i would appreciate any help available.

thank you,

Received on Wednesday, 23 August 2000 07:06:09 UTC