Re: Behavior, scripts, CSS

--- Jan Roland Eriksson <> a écrit : 

> >Neither. 
> >You just put
> >* {behavior: none !important }
> >in your user style sheet.
> Which seems to indicate that BeCSS *will become* a reality at some
> point.

Not at all !!! Tantek and Chris just showed that BECSS are designed in
the CSS world... This hypothetical example does not imply it is
1) recommended 2) implemented 3) useable.

In our world, the only reality is the status of W3C Rec.
BECSS still has to pass several steps to be a Rec and nobody can
tell *now* what it will become.

</Daniel>, BECSS editor.

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Received on Saturday, 5 August 2000 07:41:38 UTC