Re: Margins in Netscape

Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
> At 01:56p +0100 08/03/2000, Matthew Brealey didst inscribe upon an
> electronic papyrus:
> >H1, {font-size: 28px; /* Netscape doesn't like font-size very much */
> >H1, {margin: 22px 0} /* It's not really very good at handling margins
> >either - this is read by IE */
> Oh, cool. Netscape's screwey treatment of margins is awful -- it caused
> text to overwrite other text so i just commented it out. This is better. :D

But it was even better as it was: please leave in the IE 3 hack -
otherwise pages are unreadable there.
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Received on Thursday, 3 August 2000 10:42:57 UTC