Re: CSS-Tranformation mechanism and modularizing CSS

> Chris Wilson wrote:
> > If all you want to do is control event handlers like mouse overs, then use
> > the Behavioural Extensions to CSS:
> > (draft).
> Or just plain Javascript event handlers.
> That way you don't muck up your CSS, and users can enable/disable CSS and JS
> independently of each other.

Three comments :

1. using colloquial english like "to muck up" makes your point
difficult to understand w/o a dictionnary for non-english locutors. I
had to use a dictionnary.

2. BECSS do not add scripting facilities to CSS itself so I don't see
why the actual draft makes the enabling/disabling of CSS and JS
independently difficult.

3. the BECSS draft describes a new at-rule which can be used to
declare the language used by BECSS values. It is then extremely easy
to throw away all the becss properties using a disabled language or


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