Re: a 'base' property

Nicolas Lesbats wrote:
> Hi,
> I think that we need a 'base' property, similar to the <base href="..." />
> element in HTML, which will define on which a relative address is relative
> to (humpf... I think there is grammar mistake in my sentence...).
> The property would accept a string value, and two predefined value : one
> referring to the document source ('source', 'origin', ... ?), and another
> referring to the stylesheet path.
> Don't know if this is necessary for replaced elements :
>         img { content: replaced(attr(src));
>               base: document-source }
> (a url() value always refers to the stylesheet source, not to the
> document source, and this can be a problem)
> If yes, multiple base settings would be allowed.
> And, of course, the property would be inherited.

Hmmm.. This adds URL management to style sheets. I am absolutely
not in favor of that.


Received on Monday, 21 June 1999 03:12:54 UTC