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On Mon, 14 Jun 1999, Peter Linss wrote:

| >         link[start], link[prec], link[next] {
| Your selectors are bad, they should be:
| link[rel=start], link[rel=prec], link[rel=next]

Yes, of course :'-(

| >         link[]:before { content: attr(title) }
| The "[]" is illegal and should cause this rule to be ignored. Just use
| "link:before".

Just wanted to say I *must* use attribute selectors because I don't want
a <link rel="stylesheet"> to be displayed ! It was just a "notation

| >         head { display: none }
| >         link[] { display: table-cell }
| No, it's not correct, the 'display:none' will cause the head and all of its
| children to not display.

Oops... So I could have written :

	head { display: block; visibility: hidden }
	link(...) { display: table-cell; visibility: visible } 

(since BODY and LINK use absolute positioning)

| > But how can I specify the number of
| > columns, the table width, etc. since no element in the document source is
| > defined as being a table, inline-table or even a table-row ?
| Set the <head> to 'display: table-row' if you want each link in a cell in the
| same row. Otherwise you can set the <head> to 'display:table' but each link
| will be in its own row.

Yes, but there are limits in both cases. And I don't want the HEAD to be
a table. And I won't be able to always find a parent element to play the
role of table or table-row anyway... That's why it seems to me too
that pseudo-elements for "anonymous frames" (as you say) are really

| > Don't we need pseudo-elements like :table, :table-row ... to define that
| > (it's a proposal if the answer to the preceding question is "You can't") ?
| Yes. Those pseudo elements come in very handy when CSS generates "anonymous"
| frames for you. That's why Mozilla already implements them. (For the record,
| we have no "anonymous" frames, they *all* have pseudo element names so they
| can be styled. This is something that should be formalized in CSS3.)

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