Re: CSS vs XSL, what is going on

Barry van Oven wrote:
> Michael Leventhael wrote:
> >>A lot of things already discussed into boredom on<<

Boredom ?? This is you own opinion and speaking of a flame war.
I don't think that this word is not conflictual.

> Micheal, if you want to stir up the pot or invoke a flame war, please do so
> elsewhere. I assume the majority of this list's followers either have been
> following directly or have heard about it from other sources. There
> is no need to bring up this discussion again, other than you trying to
> garner support for your cause.
> So, please, stop doing it!

I strongly disagree. I did not catch his message in the xsl-list nor in
the c.t.x newsgroup and the discussion seems to me *exactly* in the scope
of this W3C mailing-list.

Excerpt from [1] :

> www-style: This mailing list is for technical discussion on Web
> Style Sheets. This is a focused discussion area: all posts to this
> list must be about style sheets.

Michael's mail contains technical discussion about stylesheets. Period.


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