Re: Pseudo-class change

Sue Sims writes:
 > From:
 > "Note that normal class names precede pseudo-classes in the selector. "
 > From:
 > "Pseudo-classes are allowed anywhere in selectors ... "
 > If this is intended as a change, should it not be included in:

Yes, I think this was intended as a change.

All the changes to the selectors are summarized in one line in
appendix B1: "An extended selector mechanism, including child
selectors, adjacent selectors, and attribute selectors." Maybe the
relaxation of the syntax of class selectors (more than one is now
allowed) and pseudo-classes could have been made explicit.

 > If an error in CSS1, should it not be included in the ersatz errata:

No, it's not an error in CSS1. The syntax was restricted on purpose,
to make implementations easier and to gain some experience.

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