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> However, the 'clip' property is at the moment almost unusable for
> another reason, and that is that both MSIE and NS interpret right and
> bottom in the opposite way from the spec: for them rect(0,0,0,0) means
> completely invisible, while rect(0,100%,100%,0) is completely visible.
> The spec has exactly the opposite. Some people claim that it is easier
> to write scripts this way. It might become an erratum.

Officially changing that sounds like a good idea.  However, if that is
done, perhaps there should be a second value for the clip property,
perhaps called edges() or sides(), that has the same meaning that
rect() did in the original CSS2 definition.  This would be more useful
when the author doesn't know the size of the element and wants units
other than percentage units.


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