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Hello Bernard,

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 >      Good morning,
 >      I have been trying to acces the stylesheets authoring newsgroup for 
 >      quite a long time with no success.
 >      When I click, in my browser on the reference :
 >      comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets
 >      my Netscape (4.5) browser open its newsgroup windows and doesn't find 
 >      the newsgroup. If I ask to subscribe, it ask me to indicate a server 
 >      name. What should I write there ?
 >      How can I do to access this newsgroup ?

The way to access newsgroups differs based on your local network
configuration. There are many news servers in the world that all
synchronize with each other, but users are typically only allowed to
connect to the nearest one.

Your system administrator or Internet provider should be able to tell
you what the name of the nearest server is.

If your local network doesn't provide a news server, you can still
access the news groups via the Web, by going to, but a local news server is much easier to
work with.

 >      I am actually working on putting sgml/xml files on an intranet, and 
 >      this newsgroup would be very interesting (crucial?) for me.

It can definitely provide useful information and there are people
there that can help with CSS problems.

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