Comment on Shorthand Precedence


I was just fooling around with some of Internet Explorer's CSS 
properties and by mistake I saved on the files with the following 

P { cursor: crosshair; border: thick; border-color: red }

I know the above declaration is invalid since I've specified the 
width of the border in shorthand but I also specified border-color 

The user agent ignored it and simply displayed what was contained 
within <P> without style. I've no doubt that it is correct in 
assuming such rendering, so just out of curiousity I searched the CSS 
2 specification on information relating to shorthand precedence. 
There was none.

Perhaps a comment should be added whereas it is suggested that user 
agents should follow both declarations even though border-color 
should have simply been written along with border as shorthand.

Just a suggestion you guys might want to consider....


Received on Sunday, 31 January 1999 19:05:43 UTC