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>>>>> "IH" == Ian Hickson <> writes:

 IH> On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, David Perrell wrote:
 >> How about two more: 'stretch-x' and 'stretch-y'?
 >> Stretch-x would size-to-fit in the x direction and repeat in the y,
 >> stretch-y would size-to-fit in the y and repeat in the x. This would
 >> allow textured gradients.
 IH> Good idea.


 IH> Anyway. The full description becomes:

 IH>  'background-repeat'
 IH>     Value:       repeat | repeat-x | repeat-y | no-repeat |
 IH>                [INS:] fit | fit-x | fit-y | [:INS] inherit


 IH>   fit-x
 IH>          Analogous to 'fit', but only scaled to fit in the x direction. 
 IH>          In the y-direction, the image is repeated, the height of each
 IH>          step being the intrinsic height of the image (as in 'repeat-y').

I'd like to suggest a further change in this, so that in the
y-direction the image is neither fitted or repeated, unless repeat-y
is given. The same change applies to fit-y (and repeat-[xy])

This means that the value definition would have to be altered to
accept two values. Then repeat, fit and no-repeat would be shorthand
values for repeat-x repeat-y, fit-x fit-y and no-repeat-x no-repeat-y

The benefit of this is
a) that the author gets greater freedom
b) that the implementator have independent values for the x and y
   axes, which I think simplifies the implementation (yes, I am
   writing a CSS implementation, so I think I can have opinions of
   what implementators (or at least one implementator) thinks).

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