Re: ACCS and Frames wrote:
> Daniel Glazman a écrit:
> > Simple questions, but big problems : how is rendered a
> > framed document using ACSS ? In which order are frames pronounced ?
> > How is made the navigation from one frame to another one ? How can
> > the content of one frame access the title of the frame which is in
> > the frameset document ?
> You are asking an HTML question, really. The answer involves a frameset
> document, in which you give the A anchors that load each frame a
> NAME="someName" attribute. 

That doesn't describe how the document is *rendered*. I don't belive
that this is an HTML question; it seems a reasonable CSS question.
Frameset is, implicitly, visual rendering of multiple parallel
documents. CSS does not address the rendering of multiple documents in
an inherently serialised medium such as speech. 

> Then, you give a link from (e.g.) Frame1 to Frame2
> by writing, in frame1.htm, an anchor such as <a href="a_page.htm"
> target="frame2.htm"> A Page! </a> -- n.b. the TARGET attribute. When
> you read about TARGET, you should also see a discussion of the keywords,
> "_blank", "_top", "_parent", and "_self". I hope this helps.

Not at all, actually ;-) I think you missed the point of the questions.
The HTML linking syntax was not the problem.

Actually the core of the issue is that frameset documents implicitly
require parallel presentation otherwise navigation does not work.


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