Re: 24. Gradient & stretched backgrounds

From: Ian Hickson <>
> 'background-repeat'
>    Value:       repeat | repeat-x | repeat-y |
>                 no-repeat [INS:] | stretch [:INS] | inherit
>    Initial:     repeat
>    Applies to:  all elements
>    Inherited:   no
>    Percentages: N/A
>    Media:       visual

How about two more: 'stretch-x' and 'stretch-y'?

Stretch-x would size-to-fit in the x direction and repeat in the y,
stretch-y would size-to-fit in the y and repeat in the x. This would allow
textured gradients.

'Stretch' is not descriptive for all possibilities. The image might need to
be shrunk to fit a smaller box, so it's more a 'fit' than a 'stretch'.
Perhaps there is a better name for this value.

Authors would almost certainly not want the same background image for
gradient as for non-gradient background. So... for backward compatibility an
author would specify an element's background twice using the 'background'
shorthand? With different URL and new attribute in the second declaration
thus overriding the first if the UA understands the new value?

David Perrell

Received on Thursday, 14 January 1999 19:10:53 UTC