Re: One Basic Question

netscape's new browser, code-named gecko, will be 100% CSS1 compliant
and will support a large portion of CSS2.  Please, no flames or queries
to me personally about what "a large portion" means.  Contact with questions.

see for details, availability to the
public, etc.

Steve Clark

brian young wrote:

> As an author, one of my biggest challenges is to make
> sure that my pages are viewable with the 'Big 2'
> browsers. Where I love CSS viewed with IE, it just
> doesn't seem to cut it with Netscape. I find myself
> inserting <font> tags just to make it read correctly,
> effectively using html and css on the same area of
> text. Does anyone know when these 'depricated' tags
> will
> be eradicated and CSS will be the norm?

Received on Tuesday, 12 January 1999 22:41:51 UTC