Re: Cursors......New Proposals

David, Ian, and MWhisman,

I've received your emails today and have quickly read them though. 
Thanks for taking the time to comment on them to point out some of 
the fallacies associated with my proposal.

I'll prepare a response towards the end of this week when more 
becomes available. In short, I realize that some of the points I made 
would generate some discussion and perhaps a less "ambitious" 
approach would be better on this issue.

My apologies for not mentioning about regressional comptibility and 
how it might be implemented (I touched on it a little but didn't go 
far enough), but they were indeed on my mind. I know for sure that 
changing the cursor property (which I think should be altered to 
allow for extensibility in the future) would affect the current 
implementation within MSIE 4.0. These issues kind of slipped off my 
mind as I drafted the proposal....I shouldn't have any memory 
problems at my age!!! :)

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on the issue. As always, I 
continue to welcome feedback from others!


Received on Tuesday, 12 January 1999 19:05:21 UTC