Re: ACSS and frames

Dave Raggett wrote:
> On Fri, 8 Jan 1999, Daniel Glazman wrote:
> > Simple questions, but big problems : how is rendered a framed
> > document using ACSS ? In which order are frames pronounced ?  How
> > is made the navigation from one frame to another one ? How can the
> > content of one frame access the title of the frame which is in the
> > frameset document ?
> I agree that this is a far from simple problem, and worthy of
> further study. A briefing package is in preparation for setting up a
> new W3C activity and interest group for Voice Browsers, and my hope
> is that this will lead to a better understanding of how we need to
> extend HTML and CSS to support effective Voice Browsing, whether
> the rendering is done directly, or indirectly by transforming the
> HTML and CSS into another format such as VoxML.

Thanks for this answer Dave,

Does it mean that the actual order of the aural rendering of a frameset
and its frames is undetermined ?


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