RE: font size manipulation via end-user's browser controls

> Is the end user able to manipulate the font size of text that is
> generated with CSS via browser preferences or browser font size
> controls? Is there an instruction that enables or disables this feature?

Do you mean text that is generated from a style sheet or text with a
font-size specified by CSS? For font-size that's specified by CSS, if the
unit used is relative (em,ex,percentage,or x-small,etc.) then you're able
to still adjust the size with your browser. If the units are fixed/absolute
(mm,cm,in,px,pt) then they won't change size if you try with the browser.

There's an instruction to override that using a user-style-sheet, if you
add "!important" (without quotes) to the end of a declaration, just before
the closing curly bracket. In CSS1, if an author has "!important" in his
style sheet then it overrides the user's, but the user takes precedence in

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