Re: Conflicts between user style sheets and W3C recommendations

Oh, here's another one (and a piece of advice to be
included in the spec).

1. All block elements should have margin-left declared
on them, even if it is only 0.

I have H1 {margin-left: -5%}.

The W3c has BODY {margin: 2em;}, overriding my BODY
{margin-left: 7%} declaration, but the lack of a
margin declaration on H? does not, thereby resulting
in the H elements being partially obscured.

I hadn't noticed this serious error in the W3c style
sheet before due to my own use of IE 3.0 (which
interprets margins relative to the left of the
canvas), protecting the W3C style sheet from its

It perhaps seems a little much having to make so many
margin-left declarations, and I envisage problems for
ever with other equally inconsiderate sites in the
future. (I can't just declare a big margin on P and a
smaller one on H? because of the all too prevalent
slapdash coding that fails to enclose most first
children in a block element, and CSS' own lack of any
means to refer to these).

From Matthew Brealey ( (for law)or (for CSS))
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Received on Wednesday, 15 December 1999 07:37:32 UTC