Re: Do Explorer 5 support CSS2 ???

Hello Eric,

"Eric A. Meyer" wrote:
> >Barry van Oven wrote:
> >>
> >> The WebReview master grid can tell you everything you need to know!
> >>
> >
> >This grid MAY be accurate as far as IE5 goes, but I have found it to
> >be in error in several places as far as Navigator goes. Netscape
> >supports more of the features than indicated.
>    Such as...?  

Well A:visited for one. #ID for another. Both work fine for me, but
maybe I haven't applied them in such a way as to have their bugs
show up. Others I'd have to reexamine because I'm speaking from
a month-old memory of experimentation with them.

(Also, which version of Navigator on which operating system?)

Navigator 4.61 on Windows 95/98

If I have some time later this week, I'll revisit and let you know 

Rick J.

Received on Tuesday, 31 August 1999 15:42:38 UTC