RE: Do Explorer 5 support CSS2 ???

>The WebReview master grid can tell you everything you need to know!

   Actually, in this case, it can't, because the grids don't cover CSS2
yet.  I hope they will soon, but I'm sure everyone here realizes what a
monumental task covering CSS2 will be.  In addition, the grids really test
the intersection of HTML and CSS, so applying the grid's findings to XML is
dangerous at best.  Constructing a parallel table for XML/CSS support is on
my list of Things Which Would Be Cool, But Probably Too Time-Consuming To
   Anyway, the short answer to the original question is:  sort of.  IE4/5
supports parts of CSS2, although it's not clear to me how well they do so.
Opera does not support CSS2, as (last I heard) they are concentrating on
acheiving 100% correct CSS1 support before moving on to CSS2.  Raptor (the
Netscape 5 preview build) supports little tiny pieces of CSS2, with more
promised, but since that's just a technology preview it's hard to draw any
firm conclusions from its behavior.

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Received on Tuesday, 31 August 1999 09:41:03 UTC