Re: Q: z-index and the body element


Ranjit Singhe wrote:

> the original intent of this thread (the question) can be attained by making
> the 'z-index=-1' box a 'position: fixed' box (though the positioning
> properties would be complex.)  this would work because fixed boxes break out
> of the hierarchy where they are found and levitate to the viewport box,
> essentially becoming a sibling to the BODY box.
> -- ranjit

Except that, as far as I can see, 'position: fixed' doesn't work 
in most browsers right now. Can anyone tell me definitively which 
ones DO support it?

Also, doesn't the viewport box currently default to BODY in Netscape,
i.e. the BODY box IS the viewport box?

Rick Johnson

Received on Monday, 30 August 1999 10:55:50 UTC