Re: Background image display problems

Sue Sims wrote:

> I was going to suggest asking in
> news:comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets because I was under the
> mistaken impression that the purpose of the www-style list was to discuss
> current and proposed recommendations rather than the much more liberal
> verbiage here <>(1).

Thank you, Sue. You are of course not mistaken, and have described
exactly the purpose of this list.

The list members of www-style were essential contributors to CSS1 and to
CSS2; particular contributors are noted by name in the specs and the
mailing list as a whole is credited also. 

As we move forward to enhanced versions of CSS, the hope is that the
knowledgeable, patient, inventive and resourceful folks on this list
will continue to help with their comments, criticisms and suggestions.

For self help, content creation questions, tool comparisons, how-do-I
-hack-around-this-bug and suchlike topics, there are other forums
available, of which ciwas is a notable example.

The www-style list is appropriate for discussion on erratta and
ambiguities in the CSS1 and CSS2 specs, for criticism, comments,
suggestions for improvements and general discussion about current CSS
working drafts.

Thanks for listening.


Received on Tuesday, 10 August 1999 17:37:47 UTC