Re: New WD: CSS3 selectors

Frank Boumphrey wrote:
> But is there any
> > real reason for CSS *excluding* recognition of class in XML, in other
> words --
> > providing automatic recognition of class (or CLASS) regardless of the
> semantics
> > of the markup language in question?
> My feeling was that in XML the element WAS the class!

Each element has one name, but class is a space separated list (a set)
so elements can be subclassed, different-named elements can be put in
the same class, and so on.

For XML, class is really useful.

Initial experiments seem to show that real XML+CSS implementations
ignore the bit about "only HTML" and accept .foo as a selector for <elem
class="foo"/> for xml too.

It might be a good idea to formally acknowledge this, since IIRC the
intention was to say "XML gramars might not do this, don't count on it"
rather than "Thou Shalt Not".

> > or using other attributes. But would it do *harm* to have a CSS '.attval'
> > represent a shorthand of '[class="attval"]' -- even if it's not in
> > where CLASS has a certain semantic?

No, I don't think it would do harm and it could certainly do good.

A redirection/renaming syntax might be useful, too, though it can always
be expressed in a longer form anyways so is not strictly necessary. 

But in the meantime, useful work can be done with XML grammars that
choose to have a class attribute.


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