Re: Using valid W3C HTML 4.0/CSS to create zero spacing between frames.

In article <>, Christopher R. Barry
<> writes
>No part of the CSS Level 2 specification seems to address this issue

Although frames weren't quite deprecated with HTML 4, their use was
effectively prohibited in the strict DTD because of the lack of the
target attribute. The reason that CSS 2 does not address frames is that
it can effectively replace frames altogether.

I reckon frames might actually (have) be(en) OK if the default target
was _top and the target attribute had been removed completely. But
frames are Netscape's baby and they were broken from the start.

(Not sure what you mean about making it easier to write your own DTD -
SGML is SGML is not XML. You have already been given a source on how to
customize your own DTD - somewhere on the htmlhelp site IIRK.)

George Lund

Received on Sunday, 8 August 1999 05:34:59 UTC