RE: Named Styles

> > Named Styles are just like CLASS names, except different. :)
> I think that your named styles are just CLASS, not just _like_ CLASS.
> You can assign more than one class to a given element and classes are
> not explicitely linked to styles. A class selector is just an attribute
> selector, with special syntax so editors do not have to always write [ ... ]
> if the documents' set is in HTML.

True.  But if you wanted to style something that is not of a particular
*semantic* class, you have to use a *stylistic* class.  So class is doing double
duty, although I suppose most people are using CLASS for style purposes.  Also,
I keep reading "HTML is for presentation" in at least one large company's web
site :), so perhaps I should refocus the "Named Styles" suggestion toward the
XML world.  But first I suppose it should be asked, "*Should* there be a way to
style portions of an XML document that has no semantic markup using CSS?"


Received on Sunday, 25 October 1998 23:42:05 UTC