RE: Property suggestions

> Ultimately it comes down to the fact that there are no sharp distinctions
> between content, structure, and style. We can make high-level distinctions,
> but when it comes down to the fine grain, we see that they're interdependent
> and intertwined. The structure is itself an aspect of content which we
> usually infer from the language and style used. Style is just the visual
> means we use to express structure when we don't think the language is
> adequate by itself. Logical markup is there because we can't expect
> computers to infer structure from the language the way we can.

True.  Except it brings back memories of tortured arguments in c.i.w.a.html on
"the meaning of    ".  :)

> And Q cannot "gracefully degrade."

If Q is styled with "curly-quotes", you're right in that you won't see *any*
kind of quote marks even in current browsers.  But there is *some*

	He said, why are you doing this?  And she answered, because.
	Are you being difficult?  No.  An embarrassed silence ensues.

Nouveau dada literary style (or whatever it's called) ...  Like tables in Lynx.


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