Re: Property suggestions

Ian Hickson wrote:

> Having read the Behaviour stuff and the Action Sheet stuff, I have to
> say that Action Sheets look distinctly superior.
> Content, Script, and Style are three different parts of a document, and
> should be kept separately.
> It would be very sad for CSS to aquire a "behaviour" property, but it
> would be great for CSS to aquire a sister spec sharing a similar syntax,
> but which concentrated on scripting while CSS concentrated on styling.
> (I encourage others to read the two suggestions' documents and come to
> their own conclusion, but I think most will agree with the Action Sheets
> idea).

In fact, Action Sheets don't use CSS general syntax. Action sheets applied to
a selector syntax being the CSS syntax, a selection domain based on
elements and attributes, and actions conformant to CSS declarations syntax give
Cascading Action System (CAS). CAS is just one example of Action Sheets.

CAS and CSS look very similar because both based on the same general syntax.

Even if I agree with the main lines of your very concise and remarquable comment
Ian, I have to temperate your definitive opinion about the presence of a
property defining behaviors (I did not write the MS "behavior" property...) in

If CSS and CAS interactions are well defined (order of application, circular
references, ...), I clearly see nothing against

	A > B[C] { onLoad : "initialize(this)" ;
	           color : black

I even think, as a web author, this more desireable (because more readable and
maintainable) than

	A > B[C] { 
	           color : black

 and in another object 

	A > B[C] {
		   onLoad : "initialize(this)" ;


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