Is CSS a dino? (was OS issues)

Thanks to all who replied to my intial post. in general, "No, there isn't
a work around (other than the one I'm doing w/JS & posting a note re:
monitor resolution)." So a CSS web page requires at least two versions
(Mac & PC).

I absolutely *love* the potential of CSS technolgoy. I have a difficult
time convincing my bosses or on-side clients of it's practicallity (& cost
in at least time since it nearly doubles the amount of work). Unless CSS
becomes more universally "browserable" (like that word - (said while
buffing nails against chest) - made it up muhself) than CSS is a dinosaur
(stuck in a tar pit no less), and it just don't know it yet.

Will CSS ever leave the Mesozoic?

Received on Wednesday, 18 March 1998 11:44:28 UTC