hover pseudo-class

The hover pseudo-class applies to the currently selected link.  This can
change after the document is rendered, so the document can change after it
has been rendered.  This property seems outside the scope of CSS.  Was CSS
really designed for modifying HTML dynamically?  I know the specs say that
the UA doesn't have to reflow the document, but this seems like it is
trying to cover up hover's inherent problems.  The argument same applies
to the active pseudo-class. 

I'd personally deprecate the active pseudo-class, not add the hover
pseudo-class.  Leave modifying the display to scripting and Dynamic HTML
or whatever the lastest buzzword is.

Anyhow, thoses are my thoughts on the issue.

Russell O'Connor                           roconnor@uwaterloo.ca
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Received on Saturday, 14 March 1998 10:41:17 UTC