Re: Letter Spacing?

andy wrote (2:44 PM -0600 3/6/98):
" Can anybody get this tag to work???
" { letter-spacing: 5em; }
" I certainly cannot, in Netscape 4.04.

Netscape has not implemented much of CSS1, including this property. MSIE4
supports it. Perhaps Navigator 5.0 will, too.

ps: That's an awful lot of letter-spacing! Try maybe 0.2em?

pps: Forgive my pedantry, but it's not a "tag". What you've got above is a
property-value pair, which together with a "selector" make a "declaration"
in CSS. Tags delimit elements in markup. This isn't about "minding p's and
q's", but about communicating clearly.

Todd Fahrner

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