Re: Comments URI Proposal

Ian Hickson write:

>George continues:
>>Putting an HREF instead a comment tag is a bit unpredictable,
>>so perhaps a colophon tag should use an
>>an alternate way of specifying an HREF so that older browsers won't
>>recognize the tag and therefore ignore it.

>Huh? I don't understand what you are saying.
>The way I understood the colophon idea is that at the end of the document,
>we simply include something along the lines of...

What I, and I believe Todd and Susan, are proposing something that's not
quite a traditional colophon, which as you've indicated, could be done
simply by defining a class of a <DIV> tag. What I'm talking about is the
ability to link to *external* comment files. To quote Susan's example:

>/* COMMENTS <URL:> */
>comments {url(}

My understanding of Todd's proposal (see below) was that he was proposing a
similarly "hidden" set of comments:

>I'd also propose pseudo-standardizing the "colophon" class for HTML
>divisions, which would contain technical and other notes about the formal
>construction of the site. Its display property would generally be set to
>"none" initially, but users could choose to view it by setting its display
>property to "block", and perhaps its position to 0,0 in a personal

As I said earlier, this would be useful for including technical details
about the site (for example, information that would help with site
maintenance) without having to put them in the file itself.

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