Re: CSS2 spec error?

Braden N. McDaniel wrote (6:37 PM -0700 6/29/98):

" I notice in the sample stylesheet for HTML 4 (appendix A), OBJECT and APPLET
" are given block display. I would have expected them to have inline display.
" Is this an error?

I believe you're right, Braden.

I did the "first draft" of this stylesheet, and had these as blocks. The
stylesheet was cleaned up in several ways for inclusion in the spec, but
this didn't get noticed. Quite recently (around the time of 2.0's release),
a developer pointed out to me that my draft version was likely in error, so
I fixed it: .
Somehow it didn't occur to me that the "official" version might still have
contained this error.

Todd Fahrner

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