XML + CSS (Was: More complex page patterns?)

Bert Bos wrote:

>     <?xml:stylesheet style-attribute="layout"?>
> could declare that in the following XML element the attribute "layout"
> performs the same role as the "STYLE" attribute in HTML. ...

That would be great for _inline_ styling.  And using "style" instead of "layout"
in your example above would enable the same format familiar to those using CSS
within HTML:

	<header style="font-size: x-large">...</header>

But what does this do to DTDs?  Does this mean that each DTD needs to be
"upgraded" for documents wanting to take advantage of CSS and needing to be
valid?  Bummer.

> Another idea is to use reserved names: "xml:style", "xml:class" ...
>     <header xml:style="font-size: x-large">...</header>

From an _end user's_ standpoint, the former is preferable IMHO, but perhaps the
latter could get around the DTD problem more easily???


 Jelks Cabaniss

Received on Wednesday, 10 June 1998 17:38:35 UTC