Re: Q: More complex page patterns?

Eric W. Sink writes:

 > >XSL.  For details, see
 > It appears that I should have been more specific.
 > Actually, I do appreciate the reminder that XSL is more powerful.  However,
 > I don't want XSL -- I want CSS.
 > Will there be a CSS 3 ?  The subtle assertion that XSL is the upgrade path
 > for CSS 2 is very unappealing.

There will be a CSS3. There will also be XSL. The two will coexist.
Hard work is being done to ensure that the two will use the same
underlying formatting model. There will be a common set of "W3C
formatting properties" which can be accessed from both languages. This
way implementors can recycle their formatting engines and designers
will can recycle their knowledge.

We foresee people using CSS if their source documents don't need
element reordering or other transformations before being presented
to the user. Vice versa, XSL will be used if element reordering or
other transformations are required/requested. 



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