Re: List styles - a wish list item

> It would be nice as well to allow the UA to present list's item
> in a random order ; when, for instance, you do not want the
> reader to systematically choose the (same) first item.
> <example>
> Below are some popular web browsers :
> <ul order=random>
>  <li> <a href="...">netscape</a>
>  <li> <a href="...">explorer</a>
>  <li> <a href="...">amaya</a>
> </ul>
> </example>

Salut Aymeric, [content de te voir inscrit ici]

I have a suggestion : reduce the number of items in the list so only
one remains... Or wait one year or two so *really* only one browser
remains :-) Then it's already implemented and you don't need to choose
a browser (or a 'brouteur' as we sometimes say in our french jargon

More seriously, the top of the box generated by a LI is positioned
relatively to the bottom of the previous LI in the same enclosing
list. IMO, what you need is then more a scripting problem than a style
problem. Isn't a small chunk of javascript code a better solution ?

Positioning elements relatively to any other element or decoration
boxes reminds me terrible hours of fight with P language and of
implementation/debugging in the code of a wysiwyg sgml editor.  I
don't recommend that for CSS if simplicity is still a major concern.


Received on Friday, 5 June 1998 15:25:27 UTC