I would like to note that the :link and :visited 
pseudo classes apply in HTML also to the <AREA> 
elements of an image map <MAP>.

The CSS2 spec says that these pseudo classes apply 
to whatever is appropriete in the document language, and bring 
HTML as an example in which it applies to A with href.

Using AREA:link and AREA:visited maybe useful for:

1. distinguishing visited and unvisited links, say with 
 background colors, when the image used as a map 
 is partly transparent.
2. As above when images are turned off.
3. for visual media that do not display images  e.g. tty
(these display colors and may render the links of a MAP 
as a list or something else appropriete for the medium.)
4. non visual media.

(Same applies to :hover and :active, that are applicable 
to all elements as far as CSS goes)

Just an idea for authors/designers/content-providers 
and HTML-CSS browser developers.

Nir Dagan.

Received on Thursday, 30 July 1998 16:26:05 UTC