Mac CSS1&P Editor beta

Mindful of the purpose of this mailing list, I will make this short, and 
hopefully as uncommercial as possible. I trust that it is not 
sufficiently innappropriate to ire list members.

We have just released the first public beta version of a new Mac style 
sheet editor. It is available for both PowerMacs ad traditional Macs. The 
beta is very stable, fully functional, and free.

More information is available from: <>.

The beta can be downloaded from:


68K Mac

Feedback from style sheet developers, old and new, will greatly be 
We'd like to make sure that the application works correctly, and well in 
all possible circumstances.

Hopefully the beta will be useful to developers.


John Allsopp

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Received on Monday, 20 July 1998 01:42:37 UTC