Re: CSS <LINK> and Netscape

    the LINK does work in Netscape 4 plus, but Communicator is VERY picky.
If you make a SINGLE mistake with your style sheet syntax Netscape will
usually dump the whole sheet!!

Also remember the CSS file can contain nothing but CSS comments and style

Try this:-

/*this is junk2.css*/

and heres the HTM file.

<LINK REL=STYLESHEET TYPE="text/css" HREF="junk2.css" TITLE="junk">

This does work with communicator.
Try quoting color or putting a space between 72 and pt ( common syntax
errors )and see what happens.


Frank Boumphrey
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This might not be exactly the right forum, but if not can somebody point me.

I can't get the <LINK....> syntax to work with Netscape browser. This is
frustrating because I can't find any refs. on the net to any problem (the
failure of
import is mentioned).

Can anybody emlighten me?

Many Thanks

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