Re: CSS2 Syntax: tables

you can just use .blue and get the same result. Putting TD in front is just
to clarify the code.

You dont have to quote the class if putting in a single class but:-

    1.The default for SGML is that all values should be quoted, so this is
never wrong.
    2.XML requires that ALL values be quoted,so why not get in the habit.
    3. you can use multiple space seperated classes(see below, I've neer
used them, so I'm not quite sure how that works), in which case the values
must be quoted.
    4.Use single quotes if you like.

exerpt from strict4.dtd
<!ENTITY % coreattrs
 "id          ID             #IMPLIED  -- document-wide unique id --
  class       CDATA          #IMPLIED  -- space separated list of classes --
  style       %StyleSheet;   #IMPLIED  -- associated style info --
  title       %Text;         #IMPLIED  -- advisory title/amplification --"


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Subject: CSS2 Syntax: tables

Here is an example: {border: medium solid blue} TD.thick {border: thick
solid red}
TD.double {border: thick double black} TR {border: medium
dotted green}
with this document:
<TR><TD>1<TD class="blue">2<TD>2
<TR><TD>4<TD class="thick">5<TD>6
<TR><TD>7<TD class="double">8<TD>9

Am I missing something here? What is the purpose of defining "" when
simple ".blue" would suffice? Same goes for the other occurrences. Also, are
double-quotes around the attributes entirely necessary; "blue", "thick",
"double", when
<TD CLASS=blue>, <TD CLASS=thick> and <TD CLASS=double> work just as well?

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